The digitization of the Stefan-George-Schrift fills a gap in the market of digital typefaces. Although all of the artist’s typefaces of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries can be found in the collection of digital typefaces – among them such idiosyncratic designs as Eckmann-Type or Morris’s Golden Type – perhaps the most interesting of them has not so far been available.

The design, which is given here, relates to the specimens of the Otto von Holten foundry from 1907. This book of specimens survived by happy circumstances in the archives of the Berliner Stadtbibliothek – the publishing and printing house of Otto von Holten was completely destroyed in the end of the World War II.

In 1907 the St.-G.-Schrift (that was the common abbreviation in the specimen-book) was available in four different cuts (to enlarge, please click on the picture):


Nonpareille (6 Punkt),


Petit (8 Punkt),


Korpus (10 Punkt),


Cicero (12 Punkt).

All audacious features of the original design – like the high comma and the strange quotation marks – have been preserved carefully in the digital reconstruction.

The digitization includes also the characteristic signs added to the Gesamt-Ausgabe of 1927ff. such as the new capitals A, L, V, T, and complements the set by adding missing and alternate glyphs (&, @, l, long s, metric sign [x with acute]). The font is quite suitable for display and setting of poetry.

If you are interested in the historical background of the design, please consult my study, published 2003 in the Festschrift in honor of KD Wolff.

Specimen (please click to enlarge):

Stefan-George-Schrift / Specimen 2003

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